About Us

At SIFT CAPITAL, we understand that it is important for you to save for your future while making the most of the present. Building wealth today depends on a sound financial plan that involves saving and investing, resulting in long-term growth with consistent returns. Making the change from saving to investing can be critical to your long-term success. High inflation, falling interest rates and fluctuating market conditions require you to plan your finances carefully.

SIFT CAPITAL is one of the premier financial advisory and wealth management firms providing end-to-end personalized investment management services, which includes planning, advisory, execution and monitoring. We offer the full range of financial services and products to enhance your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

We believe in close interaction with clients to understand their needs & expectations and then offer them products that best serve their financial goals keeping in mind their risk appetite. We value long term, mutually satisfying and growth oriented relationships. We believe that the quality of our services, more than anything else, will act as a firm foundation for such associations. The quality of our services is predicated on:

  • Professional orientation and approach towards providing services to our clients,
  • Commitment to create an investment discipline among our clients,
  • Process based approach for accumulating, protecting and growing our clients' wealth by optimizing the return per unit of risk taken by our clients.
  • Technology based services for our clients to effectively monitor their portfolio.